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Trend watch: Follow the emerald-paved road!

Color of the year has everybody feeling green
June Beach
Editor's note: This is the third installment of our trend-spotting column by designer June Beach. Watch the Bead Room for new "Trend Watch" columns about the newest and coolest directions in jewelry making.

When I first wrote this article several months ago, green was just an upcoming trend that we were really seeing a lot of coming down the runway, overseas at the jewelry shows and was showing up in pops of color in the magazine. So you can imagine my delight when it was announced recently that the Pantone Color of the Year was Emerald! Fabulous!

So the challenge to you is to figure out the best way to incorporate this year’s color of the year into your designs as well as you closet! Whether you actually wear real emeralds or just the emerald color, you are sure to garner lots of attention and compliments. One of the things that I love most about this color is that you can go really bold and attention getting or use it as an accent or a pop of color and get everyone’s attention.

Think about the awards season every year. One of the colors that we can almost always count on seeing is emerald. When one of the celebrities wears an emerald gown on the red carpet they are almost assured of being talked about. The color is elegant, bold, classic and somehow modern all at the same time. The same thing happens with emerald earrings, or a necklace or ring. You can't your eyes off of it.

This season, it is exciting to see the color return in so many shapes and forms in clothing, handbags, belts, jewelry, shoes, and even fur (faux of course)! I am loving the classicism of some of the styling this year from very classic to fun color-blocked and modern styles and more. There is something for everyone this year when it comes to our emerald-colored fashion world!

Artistic Wire has some fabulous green wire in several shades that I have adored in my personal jewelry of late. Have you checked out some of the new blended crystals in particular the fern green/topaz crystal from Swarovski Elements? LOVE these!!! They are seriously beautiful and the crystal has tons of depths and variation. Just imagine what you can do with it in your fall inspired designs!

The equestrian and hunt club theme (think classic Ralph Lauren styling) has been trending and is definitely hot with its houndstooth, plaids and definitive motifs. Look at all of the wonderful Eco, Art Deco, and Boho themes in fashion and accessories that are happening out there that lend themselves perfectly to the color green. Emerald is usually a supporting color in an overall look — this year let it lead with its fabulous and strong color story.

Of course for some the color also means that it is a stone of prosperity and healing. It is also believed to bring security in matters of the heart, creativity and helps you overcome challenges in your career. So whatever your reason the color emerald is a color force to be reckoned with.

I challenge you to play with and focus on green in your designs this season —  in particular the color emerald — and see where your creative juices take you. It’s not just a May birthstone anymore! Get out there and create some dynamic showstoppers featuring this stunning color of the season.



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