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Naomi knows: Three holiday gift ideas

Decorating with earring displays and ornaments
gold earring display
These gifts will brighten the holidays for anyone on your list who likes shiny things. The earring display and mini tree require a bit more effort, but the wine bottle is an easy crowd-pleaser. Wrap a few bottles to keep on hand for last-minute parties!

Idea #1: Paint an earring display.

I used to store my earrings in bowls, and of course they'd get tangled or lost. This organizer is how I finally broke the habit!

Plus it's a great gift for someone who has a vast earring collection. This revolving display holds 96 pairs and costs about $20 (less with a coupon!) at Michaels. I wanted a more festive, less utilitarian look so I also picked up a small can of metallic spray paint to cover the black enamel.

First remove the earring rack from the base. Spray paint both parts and allow to dry. Reassemble, and voila!

To be even more gifty, include a pair of handmade earrings. Or, for an end-of-January pick-me-up, order copies of 365 Earrings Vol. 2 for you and a friend.

I'm even considering painting a rack in silver and then organizing my collection by metals. But that's a post-holiday to-do item!
pink tree
Idea #2: Decorate a miniature tree with holiday ornaments.

This 2 ft. (61 cm) pink tree with lights was another Michaels find. It's a pretty way to showcase tiny ornaments that might get lost on a bigger tree. You may also want to get a color that contrasts with your ornaments, unless you prefer a more subtle look. These little trees also come in white and lavender.

You can make simple ornaments with charms or individual art glass beads. There are also plenty of resin options — but in the holiday rush, just make sure you give yourself enough time to let them cure completely.

Another idea: Supplement the homemade ornaments with 1-in. (2.5 cm) rounds. (You probably have them left over from your ornament wreath, right?). If you display only one color (like silver), they won't overshadow the handmade ornaments.
wine bottle with ornament
Idea #3: Accessorize a bottle of wine with an ornament.

Wrap a bottle of sparkling wine or cider with tissue paper, leaving a few inches extending over the top. You can even color-code the paper (red paper for red wine, gold tissue for Champagne, etc). Or label the bottom of the gift if you need to remember what kind of beverage you're giving.

Slide an ornament over the neck of the bottle. (I like flower ornaments because they're flat and not easily broken.) Cut fringe at the top and fluff it out.

Super easy!

For more ideas, check out these ways to package earrings as gifts.

Happy holidays!

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