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Steampunk Q&A with Lorelei Eurto

Lorelei is inspired by jewelry designer Heather Wynn and by her favorite material — ceramic beads. Her steampunk bracelet combines Elaine Ray’s bronze and moss-colored beads with Melanie Brooks’ ceramic gear bead. Lorelei lives with her husband in upstate New York.

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Would you call steampunk your preferred style?
I would not say it's a style that I consistently create in, but it is a style that I like to revisit now and then, as the trend comes and goes. I enjoy putting a more feminine spin on my steampunk designs whether it is through color or beads.

When did you first start to create steampunk pieces?
Steampunk in jewelry design has been going strong for the past year and half, so I guess it's been about that long since I've been playing with this design style.


What do you love about steampunk?
I love the fact that steampunk is so versatile, and depending on the types of components you're using, you can change up the style — be it a more feminine look, or a more hard core, machinist type of style. There are so many facets to the "steampunk" style that it virtually never gets old or boring!

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